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ANNA - 'Absolutely No Nonsense Admin!'

Switch4Profit are proud to announce their new partnership with ANNA 'The business account and tax app' for small business.

Always looking for new partnerships to work with and recommend to 'The Little Guy!' We are delighted to have agreed to work with ANNA, offer their services to new clients looking for advice when launching their new start up and we have no problem introducing ANNA to our existing client database.

You can literally get a business account in less than 10 minutes and a business debit card that apparently 'Miaows!" yes, really! For more information and maybe apply:

What made our decision though when considering ANNA as a new partner is 'ANNA +Taxes' which helps business keep on top of business tax admin and tasks.

ANNA +Taxes calculates your income, expenses, Corporation Tax and VAT, reminds you of your deadlines and can even file your taxes for you. And if you’ve got a question, you can chat to their tax experts.

Whilst every business owner gets their head around digital accounting, without signing up for expensive software packages ANNA has it all.

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