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You run your business. We'll handle the boring stuff.

No matter how you want to take payments we have the answer

Whether it's face to face, over the phone, online or with an app. In the murky and often confusing world of merchant services, we can help you choose the solution that lets your business thrive. 


Face to Face


By Phone




Mobile App

Face to Face

PAX A920

This is a next generation card terminal with powerful technology designed to take payments quickly and get your money into your bank the next day, every day.



Card processing time 80% faster than the industry average lets you take payments in a flash.



Keep taking payments if your wifi drops out or you are on the move with a free SIM card as standard.

 Get paid


Your card takings will be in your bank the next day, every day, including weekends and bank holidays



Intuitive touch screen technology means it's ready to go straight out of the box (although we do provide full training).

EPOS integration

Connects with over 600 major EPOS systems so you can serve customers quicker and forget about miskeying errors.

Easy PCI

P2PE encryption keeps your customer's data safe and makes PCI compliance a 2 minute job via the app.

Free App

View real-time transactions, manage your account, download your latest bill and more with just a few clicks.

Accepts all
payment types

All major card types are accepted as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.


• Short term contracts

• Next day delivery

• Free installation & training

• UK based customer service

• Exit fees covered up to £3k

Get in touch for a free analysis of your current merchant services costs to uncover any hidden fees and get a quote for upgrading your card terminal.

Whats included?

• Contract buyout up to £3k 

• Simple PCI compliance

• Next day transfers 7 days a week

• Mobile connectivity

• An app to manage your account

• UK based customer services

• Next day replacement


EPOS Integration

Set your integration up in minutes so that transactions are passed seamlessly between your devices. 


Pay at Table - Ideal for restaurants

  • Print the bill from the card machine

  • Let the card machine split the bill - no more mental maths or phone calculators!

  • Add a gratuity - just pick a % and the terminal will work out the details

  • Close off the table


Pay at counter - Ideal for pubs, cafes and shops

  • Enter the amount into your EPOS

  • Automatically shows on the terminal


What if my EPOS goes down?

Simply switch your card terminal back into stand alone mode and continue to take payments by manually typing in the amount.​

The Result?

• Eliminate miskeying errors

• Serve customers faster

• Cash up quicker

By Phone

By Phone

Take payments from your customers wherever they are via a secure payment link. 

Use your phone or computer to create a link in the app to share with your customers via email, messaging apps or social media. The link will take them to a secure checkout page where they can use a payment card or digital wallet. 


Online Payments

Selling online made easy.

Online checkout allows you to take payments on your website or app, helping you to grow your business and expand your reach by giving your customers the flexibility to shop from anywhere.


Integrate easily using our developer-friendly API or ready-made plugins for popular shopping carts. Taking payments on your website shouldn’t need a PhD.


Plus there's no more flicking between separate systems or dealing with multiple providers as all your online and card terminal payments are in one place. Keeping track of your online and offline sales is easy.

Moble App

Mobile App

Adaptable and expertly designed for your customers to find what they want.

Place orders and complete payments in record time.

Perfect for takeaways, click & collect and even order & pay at table.


Whereas unregulated suppliers such as SumUp, iZettle & Square charge extortionate rates, we can provide technology you can depend on and save you money at the same time.


  • Why should I choose S4P?
    Because we give a damn! We'll take the time to get to know your pain points and provide free advice on the changes we think you need to make to maximise cost savings and the efficiency of your payments solution.
  • How much money could I save?
    It's not always about price however, on average we save our customer around 34% and it can be up to 70% against some providers. In the unlikely event that we can't save you money we'll tell you straight, although we'll probably still have some useful advice on improving your current set up.
  • How can you provide your services for free
    We do not work on a commission basis but prefer fixed fees and retainers - and by growing through word of mouth and referrals, that is how we make our money. We will not charge you a penny.
  • What information will you need from me?
    Simply send us your latest bill and some basic business details and receive a full cost comparison, quote and free analysis on your current solution as well as advice on how to improve it.
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