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What do we actually do for Only A Pavement Away?

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

What do we actually do for Only A Pavement Away and how can we support their 'Employer' partners?

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We have been asked this question a few times by employers and operators working with Only A Pavement Away who are interested in knowing more about our partnership.

A bit of background Switch4Profit was established just before Lockdown following a successful consultancy for one of our main partners. The timing wasn't the best but we've worked really hard to simplify the often complex world of merchant services and provide solid, no nonsense advice. As a result, we have become (I would like to claim) experts in merchant services and how to take advantage of the multitude of FinTech products available to operators. Not only saving headline costs, but improving operational efficiencies, customer experience and management administration. We do not charge our clients anything for our time or support, and act purely in their interest, whilst sticking to the FCA guidelines and financial parameters of our partners. The following case study demonstrates both what we do for our clients and how Only a Pavement Away benefits.


I was personally referred to the founder and CEO of a group of restaurants. They currently have 7 locations but, with their VC backers, are on the acquisition trail. The company were using TISSL, a well known EPOS provider, alongside stand alone Ingenico card terminals through Worldpay. COVID guidelines during the pandemic required the introduction of an 'Order Pay at Table' solution via Preoday, which also served as a booking platform for reservations. They were looking at upgrading their EPOS system, preferably with the same provider, and were not happy with Worldpay for a number of reasons therefore felt that a change was needed before further growth was considered. The first thing we did was meet face to face and discuss the business, it's ambitions and it's pain points, to enable us to complete a full analysis and financial comparison proposing that they:

  • Upgrade the current hardware and software with their existing EPOS provider

  • Considered adopting new PAX A920 card terminal solution using DOJO

  • Integrated their hardware so that the tills and card terminals talked to each other

  • Used the 'ECOM' solutions also available to consolidate services

We demonstrated how the systems could work and as an ex-operator, how I believed they should work, in order to improve operational speed of service and efficiencies. They agreed to roll with our suggestions and S4P then personally tailored an application with rates to suit their business profile and their customer's spending patterns, right down to the types and ratios of payment methods used. As a result their new agreement provided:

  • A headline saving of almost 27% against Worldpay

  • Integrated terminals offering 'Pay At Table' and 'Pay At Counter' options

  • Cancellation Compensation providing up to £3k of termination fees per restaurant

  • We handled all of their cancellation communications and advised accordingly

  • We installed the card terminals, integrated them with the EPOS system and trained the staff

  • We walked the owners and their accountants through the dashboard

  • We made sure the business was PCi compliant from day one

  • We made sure their revenue is in their bank the following day, seven days a week including bank holidays

  • We continue to provide 24/7 account management

The results

Happy staff - faster card terminals with the ability to split bills, automatically calculate tips and close off tables

Happy customers - faster more efficient service

Happy accountant - the books add up and the free app & dashboard shows real time revenue reporting

Happy operator - a slick operation and money in the bank next day, every day

What about Only a Pavement Away?

We charge our partners an upfront commission of which we automatically pay Only A Pavement Away 5% of the value via Work For Good. That means that for every £1 we make, 5p goes directly to the charity.

Not only that, but if we provide the above service to any of the charity's employers / partners / operators directly, then they will receive not just 5%, but 25% of any payment we receive as a result.

The operator wins, we win but more importantly the charity wins. Over the first few months of our partnership we are proud to have raised circa £2000 towards helping those facing homelessness, prison leavers and veterans, find employment in the hospitality industry.

If you would like help with your merchant services and in turn to raise money for Only a Pavement Away, I am always happy for a chat over a coffee or a beer. And although I prefer face to face, I'm happy to do Teams or Zoom or whatever works for you.

Paul Marsh

01727 515150

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