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The Little Guy Helps Ukraine

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

18th - 20th July recorded the countries hottest weather with a Red Warning being issued by the Met Office, trains being cancelled, schools being shut and workers being told to work from home leaving parts of London like a ghost town. Our very own CEO 'The Little Guy!' however, once more offered his services to support one of the main charities Ops Re:Act Disaster Response that we continue to support.

His three days started early on the Monday when he collected the van that had been arranged for him only to find out it had no air conditioning! During his time Paul made several collections weighing tons from 4 hospitals across London (St Mary's, Whipps Cross, Newham and St Barts). He moved almost 50 anaesthesia machines and an ultrasound scanner to a secret location West of London (pictured). These items along with other generous donations have now been safely transported via a key sorting point in Poland into Ukraine and helping to save lives for those people who's freedom has been shattered. Ops:React is a charity that Paul regularly volunteers for and the other charity we gladly support is Only A Pavement Away! When asked, Paul stated "I need to remember that I am not 25 anymore and it felt at times like I was sat in a furnace stuck in traffic, especially on the Tuesday. Knackered afterwards maybe however, it feels good to give something back and help this amazing organisation wherever possible". His next crazy adventure is to take part in the CEO Sleepout where he will be spending a night on the streets of London experiencing a snippet of what the homeless put up with night after night along with many other business owners to raise money for Only A Pavement Away. Its not a cozy Summer night either but an evening at the end of November.

If you have read this and especially if you are a client, friend or partner of S4P, Paul is simply asking for a donation, no matter how small every penny will help and will make all his efforts feel all the more worthwhile.

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