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Exciting New Charity Partnership

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have selected Only a Pavement Away as our nominated Charity of the Year.

Business owners - You can get a free upgrade to your payments channels, save money and help our chosen charity without even putting your hand in a your pocket!

We have put in place two generous fundraising initiatives to help raise vital funds for the charity over the next 12 months - the first, to donate 25% of income received as a result of all new referral agreements (from companies who are introduced by or connected to the charity) and in addition, 5% of income generated from all non-referral new agreements for clients switching from another provider. The donations will be made via Work for Good, an online platform which makes it easy for smaller businesses to donate to charity through their sales and helps them track donations, set targets and promote their giving. Greg Mangham, Founder and CEO of Only A Pavement Away said, “The enthusiasm Paul has for Only A Pavement Away and his desire to help it grow was evident from our initial meeting at last year’s Cook & Dine. The ability to help us raise funds through the very generous campaigns Paul & the Switch4Profit team have put in place, will help Only A Pavement Away place more people facing homelessness into careers in hospitality and is another significant partnership for us.”

S4P is not only about saving operators money, and with 30 years' hospitality experience under his belt and a vested interest in the industry Paul says, “We take pleasure in helping decision makers look at ways of working differently and more efficiently using the technology, usually at their fingertips, behind the suppliers they already use. We find ways they can improve service and 'make things simple' for the management and staff at the same time."

"I am always happy to meet for a coffee to see if S4P can review the way businesses accept payments and if S4P can provide a better solution, the business wins, we win and more importantly, Only A Pavement Away wins!"

To see if we can help you support our charity then just click here:

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